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Remove the fan shroud, remove the hold down clips, remove the hoses (may want to even replace them while doing the job), remove the cooler lines for the tranny and pull the radiator out. You will need to transfer the rubber pieces at the bottom of the existing radiator to the new radiator (if they were transferred to begin with). These are used to "close" the gap between the bottom of the radiator and the frame. The installation is the reverse of the above . Take your time replenishing the fluid. I fill the block from the upper radiator hose prior to hooking it back up. Make sure the new radiator has the metal insert in the upper hose connection. Fill the tranny fluid going by level after getting the car good and hot. Do not just add automatic transmission fluid just because you lost some. You will be surprised - if you keep the hoses elevated as much as possible you will not lose enough to matter.
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