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For those who want to "repair" your speedometer cable...

First of all, great site!! So far, I have able to solve all my problems with my Mercedes-Benz using the "Search" function. However, I did run across something of interest that I wanted to share with all of you.

I took my Mercedes in to have the speedometer cable replaced at the dealer...could not believe how much a little cable could cost. Anyway, I informed the service advisor about oiling it (recommended here on Mercedes shop) instead of replacing it. He told me that that was ill advised and gave me a copy of the service bulletin in which states:

"A wobbly needle is probably the result of an interference problem in the speedometer cable of the speedometer itself. Reroute the cable correctly or replace the cable if needed. Lubricating a speedometer cable will always result in failure of the speedometer so do not attempt that 'repair.'"

Are the people who posted on this right or did my mechanic need some extra money to help with his boat payments?

Again, this is a great forum...keep it up!!
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