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Robert Boyer
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reply to Bilstein shocks question

Sixto - thanks for your time in replying.

However, the tops of these shock's shafts do NOT have indentations or flat spots in order to apply a wrnech or plyers. Only have a screwdriver slot.

I know these are brand-new Bilstein comforts, because I got them direct from the local warehouse. I even have the boxes.
(unfortunately, lost the instructions).

Also: when using a wrench to the bolt, as mentioned, each bolt turns so easily it seems that they could almost be turned by fingers. No tightness evident at all. Yes, they are tight to the shaft. That is, turning the bolt turns the shaft.

But this should not be turning so very easily. Contrary to all my past experiences - unless this is how it should be with Bilsteins.

Any thoughts out there?
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