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My 86 300e starts hard

Hi there,
I got this problem with my benz since i bought it last in last year. Anyway everything else seems to work just fine. When the engine is cold it takes longer cranking time then it suppose to and also sometimes i need to crank it two times to start, Well.. once it starts it stabilize rpm ok and no problem. I've changed spark plugs, checked wires and everything else seem ok. So i suspect the problem may be insufficient amount of fuel coming from injector or pump doesnt work so good. It could be compression bad, but in my car has quite enouhg power so i think my compression is fine. Can someone tell me what tools and instruments do i need to check the fuel pressure and fuel pump and how to do that? where is that located? I ams till new at fixing cars by myself but i will like to learn some new things.
Thanx for future answers?
PS: I would also like to know what are your experience with M103 engine, 6 cyl. Is it reliable engine?
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