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Originally Posted by deltajetfixer
Well,I got home after riding around with the engine temperature at 90 degrees C and watched the fan spin for almost 3 seconds after my wife shut the engine off.

Looking at the front of the clutch with my inspection mirror it seems to have a bunch of crud coating it. I suspect leaking fluid.

One other test I may do is one I found on the internet. It involves using one piece of 1 inch masking tape. You tape one blade to the radiator shroud and see if it rips itself loose. No rip equals bad clutch.

I'm convinced enough that it's bad to go ahead and order a new one. Good thing I have the special tools already!
Yeah, the roar I was talking about is from the main fan on the engine, not the aux fan. I definitely hear that fan roar more when it is hot. If yours spins after the engine is shut down then it is not engaged...the crud you see is dirt stuck to the fluid that leaked out. I bet if you replace that fan clutch your car will stay down below 90C and you'll hear it roar during revving when hot.
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