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Originally Posted by biopete

This reminds me, the donor engine also has one more sensor in the head than the 1981. What is that?
I know ! I Know! That sensor on the 1980 is the glow-plug temperature sensor.
I put a 1981 engine into my 1980 and now my 1980 has this extra sensor wire.
The second sensor back is the water temp on both heads.
I plugged the glow plug sensor in and left it laying in there.

I cannot get the hex plug out of the head, I thought about cutting it out but am
not going to bother.

So, your 1980 harness has two temp connectors, GP and Water.
You have to use the harness from the car (as oppesed to using the harness that came with the engine) because of the GP relay, as you found out.

Looks really good biopete.
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