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I need some auto-level expertise!!!

I have a 1998 E320 Wagon with 52000 miles which I bought about 9 months ago.
1. The car has a nearly defeaning "roar" when going over small imperfections in the road; it handles big bumps and roads dips fine. It's most pronounced when decelerating!
2. It doesn't auto-level with a load in the back; it does make a "popping" sound as if it is trying to level the car.
Fluid is circulating in the auto-level system (no bubbles) but, I don't know the system pressure.

Two dealers say it just is a hard riding car but it's louder than my 1993 toyota corolla with 190,000 miles and worn shocks!! and it's much louder than my 1991 300E. So I don't think it's right. An independent mechanic thinks I MAY have a bad strut, but he's not sure.

If I can't find the problem I'd like to gut the auto-level system but I don't want to lower the car.

Two questions:

1. Anyone have a guess at the problem?????

2. Anyone know of a spring/shock set-up to put in the rear to keep the original height???


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