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To change or not to change?

I have a 78 420sel with 190k and I have put about 15k miles on it. The question is should I change the transmission fluid or not. I have gotten two distinct opionions about the subject. I have no knowledge about the service history on this car prior to owning it. The tranny is fine. Smooth shifting - no complaints. I would like to keep it that way. Some say if I change the fluid, the new fluid might cause the transmission to start having problems. Apparently the new fluid might "wash off the good stuff" that is allowing the transmission to work. But on the otherhand, not servicing the transmission cant be any good on it either. I actually had one tyranny shop refuse to service it cuz they were afraid that it would quit working. I also had a mechanic at the local MB shop say something similar. So it seems I am between a rock and a hard place.

It seems to me that if the tranny is on its last leg, changing the fluid might hasten its death which is inevitable anyway. So since I plan on keeping the car, I should go ahead and swallow the pill and change the fluid and live with the consequences. Does anyone have any experience with this senario? What are your recommendations?

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