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is this 1980 240d priced right?

Im about to drive about 300 miles to test drive a 1980 240d with 144,000 miles. Air conditioner does not work, or interior dash lights. He says everything else does work. No rust, only crackling here and there on original paint from hot texas sun. He wants 1700.00 for it.

The air condtioner has a leak in it from non-use and wont hold freon

The guy told me he only has driven the car a few times a year for 10 years.

Is this car going to have all kinds of other problems from having sat in the garage too long?

lastly am I going to have to replace the air or is this seal replaceable?

I have no idea what to offer the guy for this car. 1700.00 seems to much for the air issue and paint being messed up.

I am not a mechanic, just need a daily driver to get commute to school. Any help is appreciated so I dont get myself into something I will regret and not be able to afford.
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