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Exhaust on a W123 is a simple setup and really cheap to replace.

If it's been sitting that long, cooling & heating hoses may need to be replaced along with belts and all the fuel lines. These however are NOT expensive.

Sounds like the most expensive item is going to be the A/C, which can be pretty expensive. I forever "LMAO" at these fools on Ebay selling older Mercedes with the "A/C needs a charge" comments. A MB with inop A/C will NEVER be fixed with "just a charge." You can bank on that.

The major things to look out for are RUST, oil pressure, and blow-by. To check for blow-by, let the motor come up to operating temp, and at idle, take the oil cap off. If it puffs smoke like a steam locomotive out of there, then walk away.

$1,700 is a good price for a rust-free car with good oil pressure and little to no blow-by. If you can get it for less then it's a steal.
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