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Secret rust

Be sure to check the not-so-obvious rust areas. They are especially prone to rust under the bottom of the doors where the drain holes are (easily overlooked), the battery tray, and around the jack points. 123's are also notarious for trunk leaks....move the plastic shell out of the way and look under it. The shell can disguise standing water and rust if the drains are clogged in the trunk. I paid 1650 for mine and it had very very minimal rust. A 240D as old as these with zero rust is rare so look closely. However, as has been said, if the engine is tight then it's worth that for a good daily driver. Don't get too spooked by small puffs of smoke from the oil filler hole..that's OK, it's the hugh blowing that you need to worry about. You can confirm blow-by somewhat by checking for oil blowing into the air breather too. The acid test is how quickly it starts when dead COLD. Good luck.
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