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Question Headlight filler panels quuestion:

I am installing my set of Hella European headlights and I think it was mentioned that if I want to add wipers and wiper motors that will function on these lights . I can use the later E320 W124 wiper & wiper motors from a USA E320? should they bolt right in ?

Will the headlight filler panels predrilled for the correct position of the new wiper arms and motors fit in place of the filler panels from my year 1992 W124 300-E?
providing the answer to question one is a yes.

3)I should not assume that the washer pump on the washer bottle is not the same or is it and if not can I still use it ? Do I have to replace the hole washer bottle if it is different?

I need some good answers please?

Thank You all for your patience and help.
Bob Geco

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