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Yes Bob,

1. The later 94-95 W124 wiper and motors will attach to the bottom of your new euro-lites and function the same way as the original USA ones... I think it also uses the same retainer nut from the USA lites, but don't quote me on that.

2. Wiper panels from the 94-95' lites are necessary to go with the later wiper set-up...just have them painted to match.

3. Nothing at the washer reservoir is changed...just plug the existing washer hoses into the nozzles on the headlite wipers. Re-use the small diameter black rubber tubing...or splurge and buy 6 inches of new stuff !! One more thang, the rubber grommet for the wipers on the 94-95 wiper panels is a W126 part; can't use the old style W124 plastic one as its shaped differently.

Hope this helps...

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