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..."repairing" an item vs. "replacing" at the dealer:

Its not commercially viable/reasonable for a dealer to scrutinize the economics of 'repair' vs. 'replace'- - that is an owners responsibility....the myriad of MB owners/ leasees have differing views on this topic and hold the root of responsibly for their vehicle- (recognizing the dealer does not own the vehicle, but shoulders liability for the repair & relative safety)

factory authorized service offers a consistent service and philosophy with definite value to those whom rely and desire that type of repair/service philosophy...the economics of this approach is most often a secondary concern for numerous obvious reasons

pondering further:
...if dealers were putting Band-Aids on failing/ failed items- some would consider this tactic raping the public for labor $$$ (yielding labor $$$ again on replacements) while possibly contributing to unsafe vehicles on the road .....eventually w/ compounding Band-Aid rigging in place, what would be the parameters to establish mandatory replacements? (ie speculating aggregate/cumulative effects of the Band-Aids or based upon the use/service duty)...a very slippery slope

I think it is entirely reasonable (and a valuable service to the MB community) for the dealer to be a consistent source for the factory service and repair credo and owners of vehicles to exercise their own logic on a case-by-case basis to the "repair' or "replace" dilemma.

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