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Robert Boyer
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I mis-spoke. I was refering to the nut, not a bolt.

Here's my take on it: the nut seems new and came with the boxed-Bilsteins. It is one per shaft.

The installer seems to have put something blue-ish on the shaft where he threaded the nut: a plastic sealer, or something. This may be causing too much bonding to allow me to free the nut to turn.

I'll try your suggestion with vice-grips on the screwdriver - but I suspect that this will be too unwieldy to give me the leverage I need.

Once again, with a small open-ended wrench in hand, I can quite easily turn the nut (of course, the shaft turns at the same time). Everyone I';ve spoken with and one who looked at it hands-on says the same thing: the nut should be tight, not turnable so easy.

Am I wrong? Help!!!!
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