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Let me know: YEAR & Model, and whether auto or manual shift?
If auto, how is the tranny shifting?
Maybe I can and give you some further help with engine vacuum system.
If you are so inclined to get into this IMPORTANT issue of vacuum control systems, you should invest in a hand vacuum pump that will cost you $40-$60... but having one is essential to such DIY work projects.

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Thanks for the info Sam. My car is a 1983 300CD Automatic. The trans seems to shift rather quickly. If I am real easy on the gas, it will run through all gears in about 30 seconds or less. Sometimes I pull the shifter back one notch to hold it in 3rd gear a little longer if I need a little extra power. When cold, the trans is allot smoother, almost slipping, than when warm. When warm, it shifts farely hard. On full throttle, I can get a chirp from the back tires while shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. I did not have a BB that could accidentaly find its way into my EGR vacuum line but by the time I was done going through your recomendations, I spent primer from my reloading bench some how found its' way into my vacuum line and plugged it up.. (Not sure how that happened) I couldnt see into my intake after the air cleaner lid had been removed to see if the EGR valve was closing all the way or not but my car ran better after the mysterious pluggage of the vacuum line. BTW, my trans will kick down a gear as needed at full throttle.
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