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I just bought 1987 300TDt

Originally Posted by badtrukrisin View Post
I recently purchased an 87 300DT and looking it all over I noticed on the EPA sticker it said Non-Catalyst. Question is, were there both manufactured for use in the USA? It says it conforms to Federal and Ca. standards. The reason for my asking is the concern about the #14 head which mine has manf. in Jan 1987. And, off topic, have you all had good luck with the suction type oil change systems that use the dipstick tube? BTW the car has 175k on it and I am just going through all the fluid/filter changes and then suspension replacement. I appreciate your looking in and hope for help.
You can call MBUSA and give them your VIN and they will tell you if there are any oustanding recalls. This will include the trap oxidizer which causes the engine to run hotter and lead to the cracking of the #14 head. I called them and they were able to tell me that the recall had been done on my car. I guess it is good that it is done, but my head is already cracked. I got a deal on the car because it is a non-runner.

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