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Occasional Hot Start Problem (1999 E55)

On three occasions spread over several months my 1999 E55 (now about 45K miles) would crank and fire but not stay running. It would run for a few seconds, I tried pushing the accelerator pedal which caused the engine to rev about a second or less, then it would die. Turning it off and retrying would have the same result. In each case, after leaving the car alone for several minutes it would start and run fine.

The dealer says there were no trouble codes stored and performed no further diagnosis.

In all three instances the car had been driven for at least 1/2 hour before shutting it off and the outside temperature was 80+ degrees F.

One occurance was after filling the car with gas (car had been stopped for about 5 minutes), other occasions were after leaving the car off about an hour.


Thanks in advance.
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