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Lucas Oil Products

Anyone ever hear of or use any of the Lucas Oil Stabilizers or other products? I saw a really neat looking display at Canadian Tire last night. It had a series of gears stacked vertically, all connected so when you turned one they all turned. One side of the demo had regular engine oil in it. When you turned the gears the bottoms ones would get oil, but it barely made it to the top. The side with 20% Lucas Oil and 80% regular oil would climb right to the top gear and stay there while turning. It seems to stick together better, as well as to the gears while still flowing better than the regular oil. Anyone have any experience? Could this be a good product or just more snake oil? Their website is I haven't bought any, but I am interested to know if anyone has any opinions. I am a little wary since my mechanic told me never to use any kind of oil additive.
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