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Its a little tricky and would help if you had a helper hold/move the window slightly while you insert each guide in its rail. I also found it easier having the window motor and actuator in the 80% down position. when I tried to install the actuator in the closed window position I wasted almost an hour till I tried different positions. One more idea, borrow one of your wife's old compact make up mirrors. it will help you see whats going on in the upper guide that is out of sight.
what I recall is that I inserted the 2 upper guides first, moved the window and motor to make the bottom guides cloers to the rails, left the nuts 90% hand tight till all the guides were in place. once the last guide was in I fully tightened all the nuts holding the guide rails in place. if you are in the guides the windown will only go properly up/down in its track.
while you have everything open, lay some grease on all the gears and rubbing components - you'll be very happy with the quite smooth results.
I used 3m spray glue on the plastic sheet to make it re-adhere to the door frame. thats important to keep the door panel dry.
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