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Question W124 transmission Help

Hello Guys,
I have a 1992 300E that i have recently had the transmission rebuilt on.
The problems that I am having are as follows.
when the car is cold it shifts hard from 1st to 2nd. in easy neighborhood driving, or would that be from 2nd to 3rd as I have been told that the cars start in second gear. I can do my 42 mile commute to work with relative ease yet when I turn on the A/C the car wants to stutter through its gears and I would definitely think it is starting in 2nd because I really have to mash hard on the accelerator to get it moving which I suppose it then has to downshift and the car picks up fine. But then it starts to stutter through gears again. At this point turning off the A/C really doesn't do much good. after about 1/4 mile or so with no ac running the car will start to shift better again though still not perfect. could this be a tuning issue as it exasperates the tranny issue by placing more load on the engine?
or is this something I should take it back to the transmission shop to fix?
I also have a 87 300e that shifts fine and no difference in power when the a/c is on. Where should I start with this and what should I check for while troubleshooting? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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