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Psfred, thanks for your input. The freon is holding with no leaks observed. Leak check was installed no leaks seen plus the fact the gauges show pressure. The clutch is engaging, and stays engages until I push the button on the control panel.

Defective expansion valve (cool but not cold)
There is no cold air it is nothing but hot air at any rpm. As you can see others have suggested the expansion valve also. If I am not getting any cold air period does this mean my problem is more than just the expansion valve?

As far as the correct compressor, I believe it is, the parts store gave me three parts number (OEM) to look for on the original compressor. I was able to get the full number to match it to the “correct” replacement. At least according to the books at the part store.

Your point about all the relays is part of my question. The mechanic says the system shows no movement of the freon. This determination was made based on gauges measuring the high (100 psi) and low side (85 psi) simultaneously. The gauges didn’t really change with the compressor off and clutch disengaged compared to when it was on with clutch engaged. It was this no measurable change in pressure from either side while the compressor and clutch was running that lead them to tell me the first compressor was a “defect. With the new (rebuilt) compressor the system is doing the same thing. With over 2lbs of freon the gauges don’t detect any freon movement. Their summation is blockage of all devices from the trash that can’t be flushed out.

Sorry for the long winded comment, but this is my main question is there anything electrical that would prevent freon moving through the system provided the compressor and clutch are functioning properly?

Check auxiliary water pump operation, too -- if it is stuck on, you can get excessive heat, making it look like the ac isn't working
If this is the case wouldn’t I be able to check this by running the fan (no /AC) on vent on a cool night. It should blow outside temp (roughly). If much hotter than this it would indicate aux pump creating heat. Is that a correct assumption for a cheap test?

Thanks again for everyone’s suggestion. There are a couple other smaller issues that was leading me to believe I should sell the car, but after seeing this sight you guys have me motivated to get this big A/C problem taken care of and work through the smaller issues a keep the car.
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