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Originally Posted by M.B.DOC View Post
Either disconnect the computer OR either of the relays at the HYDRAULIC unit..under the black plastic cover.
I realiize this is an old thread, but I'm now having additional braking issues and am trying to eliminate the ABS as the source. I'm getting a shuddering or vibration like driving over a corrugated pavement, mostly when the brakes are applied at high speeds, like 60MPH +, and not all the time or necessarily at high speed, as it does this sometime at 40MPH or so too.
It's not a warped rotor, as the vibration is not felt at the pedal. I pulled both front calipers and the rotors spin true, one pad is worn more than the other on the driver side (suggesting a sticking piston on the other pad maybe, leaving the worn one to do the work?), and all pistons can be easily retracted with a C clamp.
Since I've had a previously noted problem with the ABS (see earlier post this thread), I'm thinking that the vibration is caused by the system activating erratically or from a bad sensor signal(s), so I'd like to test to see if braking is normal with the ABS bypassed.
My questions:
- Would pulling the 2 relays from the control unit change the braking system to standard non-ABS hydraulics, and are there any negatives to doing this?
- What is the difference removing only one of the relays, as opposed to both, or is there no difference?
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