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yeah, the heat from the catalytic converters are probably the major contributor and yes, I've been told by a MB mechanic that I could replace the catalytic converters with pre-1975 or post 1979 exhaust piping which respectively would either eliminate the catalytic converters or move them downstream under the car where most modern cars have their catalytic converters. Either option is around the $2000-$3000 range and I am not ready for that step quite yet.

I've also been told on this forum that the current running temps of 175-212 are normal for this year 450 SL so am pretty sure my cooling system is working as designed. I was a tad low on coolant which I fixed today (50/50 mix of water and MB antifreeze) and I've also added a bottle of Water Wetter as well.

I'll see how she runs tomorrow when I can take her out for a spin to see how the temps hold up.

ps: I've also filled her up with 93.5 octane gas to help prevent vaporisation of the fuel hopefully.

thanks for your reply and feedback,


Originally posted by blackmercedes
I understand that the 75 450SL's run hot ue to the catalytic converters being mounted in the engine bay. This switch seems like a stop-gap until the hot-running problems are solved.

Is it possible to have the exhaust re-fitted to look like the 79- SL exhaust?

Also, have you checked overall cooling system operation? Thermostat, rad, water pump, lines, etc.

Also, many people are driving around with the improper coolant/water ratio.

As well as fitting your manual override, make sure you check the cooling system...
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