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Thanks Ethan. I pulled maintenance on the car today, oil, filter, and air filter, rear brake pads, and rotate the tires. I had a chance to actually stick my head and fingers in while it was up in the air. 80% positive its coming from the power steering pump. I looked and the level was barely on the dip stick. I'll add fluid and see what happens.
PS Mintex pads work very well on the rears. We'll see if they make noise as the wear. LOL
Thanks a bunch for the reply.

Originally Posted by Ethan View Post
the 1998 C230 - I also have one - has NO power steering filter.
Best to suck out power steering from reservior every six months and replace with fresh fluid.

Also listen carefully to the accessory belt pulley tensioner, i's the black miniature shock/damper looking thing behind and below the power steering resrvior. That tensioner is know to fail and make noise - though the noise you describe doesn't exactly match.
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