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Welcome aboard, the members here really know their cars, and some know the W123 240/300 diesels really good.

I think the 240 and 300 diesels of the W123 genre like yours are really tough, durable, everlasting and can really go to intergalactic mileages. You good a good price on yours. Sounds like you and the mechanic were both in the right place at the right time, and a win/win situation resulted.

That light gray/black interior is pretty rare, but looks REAL classy, on a car that looks real classy to begin with.

They're not very fast, but you'll learn to take that into account as you adjust your driving habits.

I can understand your getting attached to the old '69 Cutlass, they were pretty neat cars for their time, and had good drivetrains. It will sell real quick if it's a 2 door model.

Good luck with the new-to-you Mercedes
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