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Problem Starting '85 500SL (Euro)

I turn the ignition and sometimes the car starts...sometimes there is nothing. It's dead. When it doesn't start you can lie on the ground and tap the solenoid. It will start after doing this, but I really don't want to be out in it wondering if it's going to start after I shut it off.

The starter and solenoid were replaced this past week. Thought the problem was solved, so you can imagine my surprise when I got in it yesterday...and nothing.

See this thread for an interesting wrinkle regarding the starter replacement.

Looking for ideas since I figured once the starter was replaced this would solve the non-starting problem:

- I've got an extra ignition control unit that I am considering swapping, but I have no idea if this could be the problem or not.

- Wondering if it's a problem with the ignition switch? If so, how would tapping the solenoid resolve it?

- Could it be a problem with the wire(s) from the battery to the starter?

- Other things to consider?

One anomaly with the car at present is the ABS light comes on about 40% of the time while driving, but it doesn't always come on. When the ABS light comes on the tach needle will jump around all over the place and it also seems like the A/C doesn't cool as strongly as it does when the ABS light is not on. I don't think this is a problem with the OVP, but more likely a problem with one of the ABS sensors, but I can't say for sure.

One other thing that is really weird is that Thursday I flashed my lights at on-coming cars to warn of State Troopers and the radio cut off and back on. The radio used to cut off for no reason and I could let the passenger window down and back up and it would come back on. So, my son wired the radio straight to the battery terminal, which cured that problem.

I pulled up in front of the garage and flashed the lights to see if it would happen again and it did not. Only difference is I was at highway speed the first time and sitting at idle in front of the garage.

Weird, weird gremlins running around it it that I sure would like to figure out.
Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
'85 500SL (Euro) - 186,000 w/a complete restoration and engine rebuild at 154,000
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