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Newbie Help! Servo/vacuum replacement/repair advice needed!

Being very new to working on cars (I am learning as I go on my '80 450sl), I am looking for some advice and direction on where to begin fixing my A/C servo and Vacuum issues.

Quick background...something has been draining my battery over the last year or so, and finally, today, I was able to narrow it down and confirm that the draw is coming from my A/C Servo. That being said, I am ready to begin fixing the car, but I have been reading a lot about this and see that the servo and the vacuum are very closely related and have a lot to do with each other. My car also seems to have a vacuum leak, so I was going to look and try to fix that as well.

With that in mind, I am not sure how separate the two issues (vacuum and servo) really are. When I go to fix the servo, will I end up fixing the vacuum by default as well, or is it possible to fix the servo without fixing the vacuum (or vice versa). Basically, I am just looking to know where I should start, and what general direction I should head in getting my baby all fixed up.

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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