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Robert Boyer
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W126: Front Bilstein plastic shields, etc.

I think my local indy really botched things when he put in my new front Bilstein comforts, but I'm not sure.

1. The previous plastic upper shields are missing, leaving the shaft exposed for several inches. I live in a warm climate, Miami. No snow, but plenty of heat and rain.

Is the shield important? Please explain.

2. The upper mounting only has one bolt. On other cars I have seen 2 bolts together, and as I've noted in other posts, my shaft and that bolt turn easily with a wrench.

3. The upper washer plate below the bolt is a concave item. On other cars, I have seen this mounted with the concave section down. On my new one, it bulges upward. Is this an error?

Please advise so I can avoid further damage. Thanks.
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