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Thanks. We'll see.

Originally Posted by jrgslg View Post
Congrats,good for another 200k.

Yeah. 160,000 on the donor's clock. However, I am running a 2 tank SVO system. But now i have my control point. If i get 200,000 out of it on WVO will people be convinced that WVO is safe to run in Mercedes 617 diesels? How long will it take to run 200,000 miles? At 200 miles a day that is 1000 days or about 3 years. Hmm. That would be a full time job to do that on WVO with collecting and filtering and all. It could be done in a year and a half. Looks like it will be a long time before anyone gets the answer.

The engine had a D2/ biodiesel combo in it when i first started it up again. Runs great. When i flipped the switch to veggie, i could feel the engine was not overjoyed. I believe it was because i did not have additional heat hooked up. I quickly flipped the switch back. My love for my new engine overcame my love for science at that point. . Now, I have a 6 port switching valve so return fuel is looped into the proper filter when not returning. Also, I will run Biodiesel every now and then maybe blended with a little diesel to flush the system and make sure I get that overjoyed engine feel again. The long term experiment has begun. I will post a link to the blog in my sig soon.
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