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Talking just acquired 560 sel - questions

I just brought home my grandmother's '89 560sel this weekend, and I have a few questions. It has been sitting up for about 1 1/2 years, and has 120k miles on it. Firts of all, it's very hard to start cold. Starts fine after it warms up. Second, the check engine light stays on all the time. I checked for loose vacuum lines, etc, but I don't know what faults would make the light come on; I don't have a tech manual for it yet. Third, the oil pressure guage pegs out when it's running. Could the sending unit be plugged up, and where is it. I just flushed the engine and changed the filter/oil, but it didn't help. Other than that, it's a super car. I was surprised that everything except for one of the headlamp wipers works (haven't looked at it yet). I just have to figure out a way to get my old lady out of it long enough for me to be able to drive it. Thanks for any input,
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