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The car has been idle for an extended period of time, so hard cold starting wouldn't be unusual. Others more versed in the ways of the 560 will likely have better answers than mine, but here's my 2 cents for what it's worth.

- Has the gas tank been drained flushed? Crud in the tank?
- How about the fuel filter? Might not hurt to change it.
- Varnish/gumming deposits have likely formed through the fuel system. You'll likely receive all sorts of ideas here about using some sort of fuel system cleaner. It might help.
- How old is the battery? Was it replaced?
- The oil pressure reads at the max level on these cars once your RPM gets up to about 1500 or so. This is normal.

I think it would be difficult to list everything that could need changing, but for starters, I'd change all fluids/filters. The cyl. head may have dried out, in which case your may experience increased oil usage thru guides/seals.

Good luck with your 560. These are very nice cars.
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