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Disabling passanger air bag on 400e


I replied to a post regarding disabling the passenger air bag on a W124. I have since received a few emails requesting more detail. So I figured I would post here for easy reference. This should be identical on any 124 with a fron passenger air bag.

I know that this topic has raised a few heated messages but I am just posting what I did.


For safety, DISCONNECT the battery prior to air bag removal.

Removing the passenger air bag is very simple. All you need is a long 10mm socket. Look under the air bag and you will see a deep hole. Remove the long bolt and the air bag will easily come out.

Once the air bag is slid forward, you simply unplug both the connectors to the firing mechanism. The connectors snap in, so removal will require some slight force.

Once the connectors are disconnected it will illuminate the SRS warning light in the dash. I believe that when the SRS warning light is on, the driver side air bag will NOT BE OPERATIONAL.

To extinguish the warning light, I placed pots on the connectors to trick the SRS system into thinking that the air bag was still connected. This extinguished the SRS warning light.

The value I got on my bags is 2.7 ohms. Note that this is NOT 2.7K ohms, but just 2.7 ohms. I would recommend that you measure your air bags to verify the resistance needed for your setup.

When you measure the air bags resistance, you need to make sure that the grounding tabs on the connectors are NOT touching the signal pins. If you fail to insulate BOTH the signal pins when reading the resistance, you will get a FALSE reading.

This may be difficult to understand, but when you see the air bag connector, things will be clear.

Here are a few pics. The first one shows the connectors with the pots installed.

The second one is a pic of the air bag. If you look into the connector, you may be able to see the grounding tabs that touch the signal pins when the connector is removed.

Hope this helps.

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