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1) I read a mercedes tech bulletin which stated that it is best to stay away from dedicated brake cleaners on rotors and pads, that the formula emulsifies metal particulate on the braking surfaces and presents problems.

2) the squeak though probably from pad rotor contact could also be from retaining spring/pin vibration. So clean rust and corrosive patina off these pieces with a fine sand paper and lubricate, also lubricate rubber seal and all pad contact points to caliper with the proper grease.

3) there is a great product called MOC Quiet Brakes (818 896 2258) that goes onto pads.

4) also make sure all brake lines are bled with no air in them, if there is air in the brake hose to the rear brakes when compressed caliper will act funny.

5) also the rear pistons on these car need to be located at the proper angle in their cylinder for ultimum performance, There is a special tool/pattern that fits in exposed piston and sets the position. But you can also eye it.

I had a rear brake noise problem on my 1998 C-class, I had at various times though I cured the problem but till last week it always came back (but my problem was slightly different than yours). But I finally cured it by doing all the above last Wed, and things have been quiet.
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