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. . . lots of DTCs!

5 Exhaust gas recirculation inoperative
6 Idle speed control inoperative
8 Engine coolant temperature sensor, open/short
9 Intake air temperature sensor, open/short
18 Adjustable camshaft timing solenoid, open/short circuit

Well, hard to say what all those codes mean other than maybe 5 and 9 are due to you banging around under the hood! Did the same thing last time; forgot to reconnect the IAT sensor.

DTC 8 is a major player in that if it is really bad, that would probably make the car run very badly!

To reset the codes: use the X21sw combo (LED/SW). The procedure is to bring the code up, then within 20secs, press the sw for 9 secs. This resets that particular code. Do this procedure for each DTC.
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