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well, I had two mechanic friends of mine check it out, one (who never gives me much of a break and always makes money off of me...) suggested a full tuneup (cap, rotors, wires, plugs etc) and said it would run me a good $1500.

The other guy, who I'm much cooler with, as I help him with his marketing and send a lot of business his way, and he gets me parts and stuff at cost, said that it's a sensor issue, that he thought was fixed before (he was familiar with the car before I bought it) but came back to sting me...which is causing it to dump fuel...he tested it and revved it heavily and the cats were getting VERY hot to the point where you could smell a burning odor, and smoke was jetting out of the muffler. Needless to say...I'm not looking forward to this repair bill either way. Stay tuned....
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