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Spiderman, I read the articles to which you referred by Stu Ritter. Although he does state that the BMEP (brake mean effective pressure) does hammer the valve as well as the top of the piston, (therefore forcing it in the opposite direction) he fails to quantify the extent of resulting wear to valve and seat. And, of course, that is the real question.

If all BMEP resulted in degradation of engine life expectancy, I would think that a diesel should have no chance of making it successfully around the block.

In addition, my LT4 vette has 10.8 to 1 compression, high volume fuel flow injectors, and makes approximately 390 shaft HP. Since this engine also falls under the Federal mandate that all major components must reasonably last 120k miles, I can only assume that the valve components must be of good enough quality to take a fair amount of punishment.

Since you have been educated in this field, can you quantify the effects of BMEP upon modern components? (as you know, sometimes theory and practical application can vary widely).
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