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Okay, I'm only 30, but I guess I'm still in the stone age, because I don't know squat about fuel injection systems outside of the basics, much less computer controlled ones. The last car I really had to work on was my '71 MGB, and I sold it 5 years ago . From the information I've gathered about it there is a temperature sensor (somewhere) that tells the computer that the engine is cold, and it operates a valve or something to help the engine start and run until it gets warm enough. From another post I've read, if there is something wrong with the sensor, it will make the engine light come on. I'm kind of leaning this direction because it acts the same as trying to start a carbureted car when you forget to pull the choke, but it runs fine and starts right back up when it's warm. The question is, where is the sensor(s) and the valve or whatever it is that is supposed to help it start cold, and how do I check it? BTW, it has a new battery, and I put a bottle of gas treatment and injector cleaner in for varnish and the possibility of water in the gas. Thanks,
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