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It is a US car because it stars wdbca37. I thin I used the wrong word in my previous post, I found and aftermarket horn, but disconnected it and I still have the alarm problem. I have traced the sound and it comes from one of the two factory horns attached to the radiator and I'm having the same problems as other have stated. If I lock the car via the driver door and try to unlock it via the passenger door, the alarm will go off and I have to go over to the driver door to disarm it. Are there any other locations for the alarm control? When I got the car it had an aftermarket stereo and I put a cd player in so I assume that's not the problem. I did notice when I had the console apart for the stereo, there was a box on the right hand side of the console (left side of passenger footwell that had 6 wires going to it with each wire having a number 1 through 6. is this the alarm box? If not, I guess I have to call a local service place or the dealer to find out where the alarm box is or how to disable it.
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