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My dad is of that school of thought; he hates th eexpansion tanks and tries to get rid of them.

My opinion would to leave it alone but if you want to do it...

You would neet a new radiator that does not have a cap on the top then a new expansion tank and I beleive that there are two hoses that go from the radiator to the tank; one small one at the top that sends from the radiator to the expansion tank and another larger one at the bottom of the expansion tank that sends to the radiator.

Is there any reason why you would want to change it??? Does your radiator have issues???

Here is what I am looking at....
On my 1981 300D there is a piece molded in the top part of the radiator that is the mark for the fluid level. The coolant never stays at that level. Whenever I check it is always about 10mm below that mark. It does not seem to lose any more, but it never stays at the fill mark. I discussed this with a friend of mine who has owned dozens of pre-1980's Mercs. He told me that his experience is typically similar. He told me that as along as it is not loosing coolant there should not be a problem.

Now on my 1985 the expansion tank is mounted slightly higher than the top of the radiator. As long as the tank has fluid the radiator is full and more importantly in my mind the water jacket in the engine head is completely full of coolant. This is my concern with the 1981. If the fluid level is lower how full of coolant is the water jacket in the engine head. Perhaps it is OK, but I have much more confidence with the expansion tank that is slightly higher.
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