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Warped Front Rotors--Again!

All help appreciated, including Benzmac's:

I've had my 94 wagon for about 2 years and have driven it about 14,000 miles. Most of it stop and go city driving. When I bought the car from the MBZ dealer they told me they had put on new rotors and pads as part of the Starmark preparation. Within about 8,000 miles the front rotors warped pretty badly. I replaced them with new EBC front rotors and new EBC green stuff pads. Within less than 2300 miles the front rotors warped so badly that I had to take them off (got a full refund, however). I replaced the rotors with MBZ stock rotors and kept the green stuff pads. Now, less than 2500 miles later my front rotors are warping.

I have a torque wrench and use it to set/check for proper torque. I don't spray cold water directly on the rotors when they are hot although I do run it through the car wash every now and then. I do not use Kleen Wheels.

What seems to be the problem here? If it is purely a matter of excessive heat, what would be the best upgrade to make (considering that money IS an object)? I've heard of 500E brake installations on wagons before, is this a straight bolt-on upgrade? What needs to be changed besides the rotors and calipers? I have 17-inch wheels which should be big enough for the 500E brakes.

I've put in a parts request here but haven't heard back yet.

Is there another path to take?

Again, all help appreciated.


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