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just a word of caution, this happened to me last
summer. parked the car and attended a wedding
reception with my wife in formal attire. went back
to the car 10 mins. later to pick up our gift i left.
all ATF fluid was ozzing on the floor. had the car
towed with all the hazzles attending to it.

thank God it happened while car was parked.
can you imagine if it happened when the car is in
motion. the ATF came out like an open faucet.

moreover, a week after it was fixed. i have to have
wheel alignment and balancing. why? the tower just
lifted the rear end the car, hence, the front end had
a lot of stress. on a friday night, piggy back tow
trucks are hard to find. when it rains, it really pours!

and the lesson is ............!
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