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yup stumped me... you know what... I was wondering if the exhaust system could have something to do with it... it has been sounding weird for a while...
OK... I added Prolong Octane Booster to the gas and drove real hard today. kept the rpms at around 5000-6000 for a while going up a hill at 3rd gear and 70mph or so... I hope this wont do too much damage to the tranny. Actually... the car is running a bit smoother. The shaking at idle is somewhat diminished but still noticeable.
question: another thing...there is a clunk sometimes when I crank the engine... when I shut the engine off... the same clunk that happens when slowing down and I can feel the transmission downshifting. This might all be interrelated... could this mean that the engine mounts need replacement?
another question: could there be something wrong in the exhaust section? Could an exhaust problem cause this shaking?

no my light is not on... when the light goes on, there is always an EGR problem of some sort... the last one was EGR switchover something...

OK... whatever then!!! this is completely stumping the people here on guam... If I take it to the shop, they will charge me for replacing everything that doesnt need changing. If the techs here have anything to say? I'd be greatful if they might be able to diagnose that!!! I'll be sitting here... waiting .. patiently...

'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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