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been there and done that. sowee.. can you feel my frustration? hee hee I've been through 2 sets of MXV3-A tyres then one set of MXV4, I forget the other michelin brand... now I have bridgestone turanza tires... the last 3 sets of tires have had the same results... the dealer tried on another set of rims from another car... no avail... that's why I know it's not a tire and rim prob. Somethin to do with the suspension... somewhere.. but they cant pinpoint it. I should have said that in the beginning... well.. I thought I said that in the beginning but sorry if I didnt.
Anyway, there is no play whatsoever in the front wheels, but I know somethin is loose.. just dont know what. I can hear i described earlier.. cant feel it when the car is up on the hoist. I really need a better idea other than replacing my whole front end. Well maybe that's the only way...
'94 MB C280 Lorinser Sport Suspension
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