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I can eyeball the top of the tensioner (spring, shock, whatever) BOLTED on, not an allen head bolt. Doesn't appear to be much larger than about 15mm.

The allen head bolt (as I feel around with my fingers) takes a hex size that is way larger than I have in my current tool collection. This bolt sits just left and behind the coolant pump pulley and seems to mounted on a bracket of some sort.

I am guessing the tensioning rod must be that long hollow thingy (accepted a 13mm socket) that sits between the coolant and the power steering pump (or was that the A/C compressor)? Didn't seem to do anything when I loosened it, and the pointer stays at the same position.

As far as the fan, I used a hex key wrench and a little grunt to get the three bolts off to remove the fan blade. The clutch is still intact.

God I hope this doesn't turn into the "try to replace the rear brake pads but end up dismantling the calipers instead" kind of repair!!!

And YES, I would like the instructions off the's gotta be more explicit than the Haynes manual (hey, I just got an idea of what I want for Xmas...).

I like the manual, but when they try to explain a process using three different engine configurations as examples, it gets kind of confusing...
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