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Hey califlower Imean brockley Sorry but I just can't help myself.Ok lets see if I got this straight.You pulled into your driveway and the car quit runnig by itself? Then when you go to start it the starter turns over but does not make contact with the ring gear on the motor /transmission?If this is all that is happening at one time Yikes!! as far as the starter it sounds like your solenoid is bad on the starter I would get a whole rebuilt starter or find a place in your area that will rebuild the starter for you .or I guess you can get a solenoid for the starter. and as far as the motor dieing in your drive way we will need more info to help figure out what broke ,like do you have any spark?or is the fuelpump kicking on when you turn the key to the on position?let us know so we can help you.
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