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Check Engine Light Reset

I jus bought a 1996 E300D,About a 3 weeks ago we had the check engine light came on but had no noticable difference in the operation of the car but immediately called our local MB dealer and took it in . The diaganosis was the #2 glow lpug was bad.I work in construction and occasionally work on the equipment in the winter and whenever we replace one glowplug we replace them all. when I asked the dealer to do this he laughed and said that they Ohm test the plugs and that they were fine. Last week we had the same signal come on returned to the same dealer and he told me that # 6 was bad,Needless to say this upset me for now I had to get the car back to him and pay the tech to do the same thing he had done just 2 weeks previous plus it kind of shook my fauth in the dealers Service manager. Well I bought the parts from FASTLANE and had a very reputable independent garage put them in. Here in lies the problem the check engine light it is still on. Anyway to reset it?Thanks
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