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Hold on I'm mistaken.. check your fuses anyway but that's probably NOT the problem.

I'm 25 and i think my mind is going.. THIS is the problem I had twice:

I THINK IT'S THE RELAY. When the fuel pumps get old, they short out the FUEL PUMP RELAY. This relay exists to cut fuel in the event of an accident, I believe, so fuel doesn't dump out all over after your crash or something to that effect..

Open up the hood, behind the firewall, next to the fuse box (left of it looking to the rear of the car), there are two relays next to each other, both are rectangles about 3" x 2" x 4" (WxLxH) give or take a little on the dimensions. One is idle control, one is the fuel cutoff - you can tell the difference because the fuel pump one says something about 8 zyl. 6500RPM blah blah on it - pull it out. Look at the pins on the bottom of it, tell me what the numbers are -

When you list them, I'll remember which 2 pin locations to jump (with a paperclip) - and the car should start.
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