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Unhappy Transmission woes....

Well, after 255K miles of faithful service I think the tranny in the 300D might be done for. I haven't been driving the car for about 8 months now, it has been my mom driving it. Yesterday when she went to leave for work she said it reversed out of the driveway but wouldn't engage in drive when she went to leave. Sooo, my dad took a look at it and told me that the fluid smells burnt, and that when it does finally engage in drive there is a lot of slippage. My mom told me last night on the phone that she noticed it had been flaring a lot not only between 2-3 where it normally did on occasion, but between the other gears as well, so who knows how longs its been doing that. Typical woman driver though.... just gets in, turns the key, and goes. Then decides to bring up an issue once the car doesn't work anymore.

Anyway, how much do you think we're looking at for a rebuild? I've done some searching and it seems most people are paying $1400-$2000.... and I don't think my parents are looking to spend more than $1500 on it because they were planning on getting my mom something new next summer anyway.

So, if the rebuild doesn't work out there might be a great deal to be had on this car because I'm sure my parents will just want to get rid of it quick.
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