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OM 603 timing chain........screwup.......

Today was the day for the timing chain replacement. Thought the neighbor would be home to help me so I got everything torn apart, got the old chain apart, then he tells me his wife wants to go to the lake. WELL, the only person left to help was my 5 year old son. I figured I'd let him in charge of one thing - pulling out the old chain. I figured I'd keep a vice grip on the cam pulley, and just turn the crank, then move the vice grip. Well, the vice grip left go and the chain pulled down but I caugt it before it went in, but the old chain being oily, he left go of the damn thing I was able to fish it out with a magnet, but when he left go it sounded like something under spring pressure let go. Anyway, I got it out, and started to turn the crank again, but this time the cam pulley wasn't moving, so something down below slipped out of place and there must be slack in it somewhere. What the hell do I do now?? I still have the chain clamped to the cam pulley, back where it orgianlly was. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!!!
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